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Children's, Teenage and Young Adolescent Cancer


Cancers in children and young people are rare. In the UK, only 1 in every 600 children under 15 years of age develops a cancer. These cancers are quite different from cancers affecting adults in that they tend to occur in different parts of the body to adult cancers. Child cancers respond differently to treatment and cure rates for children are much higher than for most adult cancers.

Children with cancer are treated and managed by the paediatric team until they are 16 years of age. When a young person reaches the age of 16 and depending on the stage of their treatment they will usually be cared for by the teenage and young adult team.

Milton Keynes Hospital was designated as a teenager and young adult hospital for cancer care in June 2012. This means that cancer patients aged 16 to 24-years-old can now be treated mainly in Milton Keynes Hospital. Prior to the designation, such patients would have normally had to travel to Oxford for treatment.

Access and referrals

If your GP suspects blood cancer in a teenage or adolescent patient, he/she will refer you to Milton Keynes Hospital through the urgent two week wait process.

Children are seen within two weeks for their initial appointment. If cancer is confirmed then Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust will be the primary treatment centre with Milton Keynes being the paediatric oncology shared care unit.

Key staff

The Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Team at Milton Keynes Hospital

Dr Moez Dungawalla - Consultant Haematologist - 01908 243430

Alison Sandaver - Haematology and Oncology Advanced Nurse Practitioner / Macmillan unit Senior Sister - 01908 243671

Omotomilola Osotimehin – Pharmacist

The Children's Cancer Team at Milton Keynes Hospital

Dr V Ramanathan - Consultant Paediatrician - 01908 826870

Clinic information

Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) Day – Tuesday.