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James, Consultant Paediatrician and Clinical Director

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For many people, deciding on the right career can be tricky. But for some, like James Bursell, the choice was simple.

Having already decided to become a doctor, he was working his medical attachment in Bath when it became clear.

James explained: “I trained with someone called Dr Steve Jones and I saw how much fun it could be looking after children. It changed my life. Since then I’ve never wanted to do anything else.

“It is a genuine privilege and honour to be able to look after someone’s child. Someone is putting their most treasured possession in your hands.”

As a consultant in paediatrics, James works with infants, children and young people up to the age of 16. Dealing with emergency situations, through to managing long term conditions, James has to combine a strong medical knowledge with a variety of other skills.

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Ziggy, Domestic Supervisor


Ziggy is part of the hospital's domestic services team – an army of 180 staff who make sure the hospital is clean and safe. Ziggy's job is to check everything is running smoothly, by carrying out daily inspections.

He said: “Every day I'll audit between three and six places in the hospital. Each place can take some time – for example Ward 16 alone has 38 rooms. In every area, there are 49 different elements for me to check, from beds, floors, walls to the ceiling.

“After each inspection, I speak with the ward sister and if there are any issues, we discuss solutions. We'll also agree what needs to be done immediately. It's also an opportunity for staff to give any feedback of their own about the domestic service, for example if a change is needed to the schedule. 

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