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Neonatal Unit and Emily's Star launch a new app


We have launched an app that allows parents of babies in our Neonatal Unit to keep in touch even when they are not in the hospital. We are the first hospital in the south east to introduce vCreate.

It allows nurses to record video diaries for parents and send them to their smartphones over a secure link. The initiative is NHS approved and has been funded by Milton Keynes charity Emily’s Star.

Lead nurse Karen Rice says: ‘Having a baby in our neonatal unit is an incredibly worrying and emotionally draining time. Knowing they can see their baby when they can’t get to hospital themselves provides additional support and can help to reduce anxiety.’

Katie Elmer, founder of Emily’s Star added: ‘We felt this was a really important service for parents and we have funded it so that it could be free to both the hospital and to parents.’

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