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Milton Keynes University Hospital to host world first stress echocardiography interpretation course

Milton Keynes University Hospital (MKUH) is delighted to be supporting the world’s first ever stress echo interpretation course – a course designed to improve diagnostic accuracy of patients presenting with chest pains to avoid possible heart attacks and to help planning surgery. The course will begin from the week commencing Monday 30 October and will be led by the MKUH cardiology consultant team.

The five day course will teach participants about the basics of stress echocardiography and its value in clinical settings as well as familiarising them with the use of stress echos in non-ischaemic heart conditions. The course has been fully endorsed by the European Society of Cardiology and has further been accredited by the British Society of Echocardiography – demonstrating its value of being a pioneering step in the progression of cardiovascular imaging training. 

Course organiser and director Dr Attila Kardos, who is a Consultant Cardiologist and Director of Research and Development at MKUH said, “This course offers a fantastic and practical opportunity for cardiologist and sonographers  to improve their knowledge of stress echocardiography – this is essentially a procedure that determines how well your heart is supplied by blood and to assess the need for valve surgery as well as to stratify the risk prior major surgery or patients with inborn heart muscle disease.

This course first of its kind will enable participants to gain experience in stress echo interpretation and hence, more accurate diagnostics in patients with heart condition.

The creation of this course is another step in the hospital’s ambition to increase training and teaching opportunities.