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Proposed work to start on the development of the north of the hospital site

Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (MKUHFT) will be developing the north part of the hospital site, close to the cardiology department, to improve facilities and infrastructure. Work will begin in August 2017.

In this proposed location, a number of developments will be made to enhance and increase the services that we offer at the hospital. The project is scheduled to be completed in winter 2019 when we will be able to access a new Cancer Therapy Centre (CTC) which will significantly improve the cancer services available at the Trust.

The developments will be constructed in four phases to ensure that staff, patient and visitor safety is maintained throughout the duration of the project. This method will also be adopted to manage car parking levels across the site. All developments in this area will be made to facilitate the construction of the Cancer Therapy Centre and further clinical spaces in the future.

The improvements included as part of this project are:

  • New multi-storey car park (MSCP) – commencing October 2017 (to be completed March 2018)
  • Cancer Therapy Centre (CTC) – commencing March 2018 (to be completed winter 2019)
  • Development of area for Radiotherapy Centre or other clinical development

Project phases

The four phases of the project are as follows:

  • Phase 1 – Enabling works.
    • Starts: Tuesday 29 August, 2017
    • Duration: Five weeks
  • Phase 2 – Infrastructure works.
    • Starts: Early October 2017
    • Duration: Three weeks
  • Phase 3 – Multi-storey car park build.
    • Starts: End of October 2017
    • Duration: 23 weeks
  • Phase 4 – Cancer Therapy Centre build.
    • Starts: April 2018
    • Duration: 74 weeks

Benefits of the work

The new Cancer Therapy Centre will co-locate oncology, clinical haematology and cancer-related chemotherapy under one roof. The new building will mean that the hospital can: much improve the quality of its cancer services; help to increase capacity; establish new emergency care pathways and support the future demand for Cancer Services in Milton Keynes.

In order to ensure the site is effectively prepared for its development, the other stated projects must be completed first.

Following completion of the project in winter 2019, the Trust will benefit from a state-of-the-art Cancer Therapy Centre as well as new spaces for staff and patients to socialise. Furthermore, the Trust will have an additional 103 car parking spaces for both staff and visitors.

These developments demonstrate the Trust’s ambition to continue to grow and improve and will help to position us as one of the best health providers in the country.

Vehicle and pedestrian access

Throughout the four phases of work, access across the site will change. More information on any changes will be circulated closer to the time.  

Phase 1:

While enabling works are completed in car park B, the stairwell used to access the staff parking area will be closed. There will be a walkway in place to support pedestrian traffic at this time. Staff, patients and visitors will be encouraged not to all access the hospital through the Cardiology department. Signs will be in place to direct accordingly.

The Trust will be using the road from outside the Campbell Centre towards ward 16 for vehicles to access the rear of car park B. This will be a one-way system with vehicles entering from the north (Campbell Centre) and exiting in the south (ward 16). To maintain safety, there will be no outside pedestrian access between ward 16 and the theatres building. A diverted route inside the building will signposted.

There will also be a number of construction vehicles coming onto the site. They will enter using the ring road across the top of the hospital site.

Phase 2:

There will be a few more changes to staff access during this time. An additional visitor car park will be opened near the entrance to car park B (on the right-hand side).

Construction vehicles will continue to have an increasing presence on the Trust site. They will continue to enter and exit via Marlborough Street, using the ring road to access the construction site.

Further information and enquiries

A dedicated email address has been established which will need to be used for all enquiries, including car parking. If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, please email developments@mkuh.nhs.uk who will be able to respond quickly and effectively.