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Jon, Lead nurse for practice development

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When Jon was in his early 30s, he was having a successful career in retail. But then he welcomed his first daughter into the world and was inspired to make a life change.

Jon said: “Something in me said ‘I could do something different here’. My work wasn’t completely fulfilling. So I went along to an open day at Milton Keynes Hospital’s Postgraduate Centre – and haven’t looked back since!

Jon-White meet-our-people 13 018 for web“I’ve spent the last 20 years working my way through various clinical and more recently teaching roles. I’ve never left Milton Keynes Hospital. Some people might think that staying in the same place for 20 years means I’m not very adventurous. But the people who know me know that’s not the case! I see it as a positive. I’m an MK nurse through and through.

“I’ve enjoyed being a nurse and found it tremendously rewarding. Nursing care isn’t just about treatments, it is also about speaking with patients, being with them when they are in pain, helping them with their meals… that’s what people remember most. How a person looked after them and made them comfortable. That’s what makes a difference to people’s hospital stay.

“Now I can share what I’ve learnt with other nurses, giving training and guidance on how to provide the best possible care. I feel like I’m able to make an even bigger difference in this role, because I see it as a way of multiplying good practice. It’s not just about me doing things the right way… by training people, I’m able to help even more of our staff get things right.”

Jon is preparing for a busy time, as the hospital will shortly be appointing 100 new nurses and healthcare assistants. He has been helping with the recruitment – including giving talks at an open day just like the one which attracted him to join the workforce 20 years ago. He is looking forward to welcoming in the new recruits.

Jon said: “I can see a great range of opportunities in the hospital. Now, more than any time, there are lots of reasons to come work with us.

“I think we deliver excellent nursing care, but as nurses we always want to do more for people. The extra nursing staff will mean we can provide that extra bit of quality for patients.”