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Referrals and information

Choose and book

Choose and Book allows the majority of patient referrals to be booked directly from your surgery - easily and simply - and reduces the time it takes to process those referrals.

Services that are not available online can be booked if you call the hospital's Choose and Book team.

Choose and Book can also help patient decide when and where they are treated.

For more information, visit www.chooseandbook.nhs.uk or email mary.hirst@mkhospital.nhs.uk

General referral information

Where possible, all referrals should be placed via Choose and Book.

However, if you find a service that is not covered by Choose and Book, and is not an urgent two week wait referral, please contact the relevant clinical service unit for more information.

Generally, referrals should include the following details:

  • Patient’s full name;
  • Full address
  • Date of Birth
  • Telephone number
  • NHS number
  • Hospital number (if known)
  • UBRN (for Choose & Book)
  • Current symptoms
  • Current medication
  • Relevant medical history