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Our Structure

Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is managed by our Board of Directors.

As a Foundation Trust we have a Members’ Council, which helps us to shape our plans for the future and comments on how the Trust is run. We are directly accountable to the local public through our Members' Council - which includes elected members of the public and staff.

To see the current Board of Directors, please click here or for an updated organisational chart, click here

Corportate governance

Corporate Governance

Trust Secretary: Adewale Kadiri - Adewale.Kadiri@mkuh.nhs.uk 

The Trust Secretary is responsible for corporate governance, management of board of directors and the members’ council.



The role of the Facilities Directorate is to support clinical staff to ensure that they are able to offer a first class service to our patients by providing estates, domestic, security and portering services.

Includes: Estates, capital planning and hotel services.

Finance and information management

Finance and Information Management

The Finance and Information Directorate reports on the management of the Trust’s annual budget of more than £135 million, enabling us to provide agreed levels of service, through contracts negotiated with our commissioners.

Includes: Financial accounting, services and management, contracting, information, procurement, stores and IT.

Human resources

Human Resources and Workforce Development

We employ around 3,500 staff and the Human Resources Directorate plays a key role in recruiting the wide range of staff needed to deliver health care services.

Includes: Human resources, occupational health, learning and development, medical staffing and medical education library services.



The Medical Directorate responsibilities include clinical education and the clinical quality of our hospital.

The Medical Director oversees all doctors, consultants and surgeons.



The Nursing Director has professional responsibility for all Nurses, Midwives and Allied Health Professionals (such as Physiotherapists, Dietitians and Radiographers) and leads on healthcare governance, patient experience and the prevention and control of infection.

Planning and marketing

Planning and Marketing

Strategic development, planning and marketing, communications, business & commercial development, and partnership development.

Divisions and Clinical Service Units (CSU)

Divisions and Clinical Service Units (CSU)

Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust’s clinical operations are organised into four divisions - surgical, medical, women and children's and core clinical.

The Divisional Managers work closely with the Clinical Services Units to ensure the organisation is focused on patient care.

Together, the CSUs and Divisional managers are responsible for the day-to-day running and delivery of hospital services.