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Specific wards or departments

Wards and departments in our hospital require funding for items that benefit patients, their families and the community. Through our charity, supporters can donate to specific wards or departments. Perhaps you’ve been treated in a ward and would like to say “thank you”, or you would like to make a donation in memory of someone. Whatever the reason, to support a particular area of the hospital you can email fundraising@mkhospital.nhs.uk for more details.

Luminar2When you donate to a specific ward or department, your money is allocated to that area’s fund – so it is spent on the area closest to your heart. Donations to our wards and departments are very important and have provided the following:

  • Play equipment for children staying at the hospital, including children with complex needs, to ensure they are kept stimulated and relaxed whilst at hospital – it also provides a good distraction
  • A scalp cooling machine for patients receiving cancer treatment, which helps slow down and in some cases prevent, hair loss
  • Creation of a Baby Bereavement Suite, to provide a specific quiet area away from the Labour Ward, for parents who have had a stillborn baby
  • An exercise bike for use in our Paediatric Physiotherapy Unit in Stony Stratford, to aid in the physical rehabilitation of children
  • An endoscopy machine for the bowel cancer unit, to help in the diagnosis and treatment of bowel cancer
  • A resuscitation trolley for use in the A&E department, to provide the optimal set up for resuscitation procedures